Thursday, 3 November 2016

Athletics Day

Races, Throwing, Skipping, Jumping!

The children in Room 5 had an exciting sunny day on Thursday 3rd November, 2016. During the first block we participated in a series of fun activities based on athletic skills. Then we competed in running races. We are learning to hand over batons in a relay race just like they do in the Olympics! Special mention to:

  • J Junior Vagavao: 3rd place in the Year 1 Boys 50m race.
  • Samalia Fasavalu: 3rd place in the Year 1 Girls 50m race.
  • Room 5 Relay Team (Samiuela, Analiyah, Hezekiah, Lavinia): 3rd place in the NE and Year 1 relay race.
Fantastic effort everyone!  You are shining stars on the athletics field.

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